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New Integration – Levanta

by Emma Tett, Co-Founder & VP of Customer Strategy

Affluent has just rolled out an integration with Levanta – connect your Levanta account to Affluent today.

Levanta is an affiliate marketing platform that helps Amazon sellers and publishers, creators, and affiliates work together directly, unlocking new revenue streams for both parties. Levanta allows you to connect your Amazon account to automatically import your products, set commissions, and partner with affiliates in a matter of clicks.

Affluent’s Levanta integration enables you to see your Amazon sales and commission alongside your full affiliate portfolio. Whether you’re just using Levanta alone, or alongside an affiliate network, see all your data in one place and automate your reporting with Affluent.

To connect your Levanta account to Affluent, you’ll need the API key from your Levanta account. Then simply head to the Affluent Brand Manager to get started.

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